Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Politics of Development Looks Different at the Grassroots than at Essay

The Politics of Development Looks Different at the Grassroots than at the National Level - Essay Example This paper highlights that in many developing countries like Malaysia and Vietnam, governments are ruled by a few elite members of society. Since these government officials do not truly represent the majority of the people, they tend to have narrower visions of development. In most cases, their visions of development do not really go past their own personal interests and the interest of the group where they belong to. For many politicians and government officials in both Vietnam and Malaysia, politics and governance is but a means to stay in power and protect their own interests. On the other hand, although there are also a number of people in the Vietnamese and the Malaysian governments that are for the development of the country as a whole, the efforts of these people are often misguided and do not really produce the desired impact into the lives of the people at the grassroots level. For instance, in Malaysia, the thrust of the government to unify the country resulted in the degra dation of culture and diversity among its people. This study outlines that international forces play a big role in the policies that the national governments formulate. In past years, the demand for integration and globalization forces the national governments of developing countries to rethink their priorities and come up with policies that will make their countries globally competitive. The idea that a country could not survive if it does not conform to the requirements of globalization sent the governments scrambling for national development frameworks that will user changes especially in the countryside.  

Monday, February 10, 2020

Different experience of two passengers in the airplane Essay

Different experience of two passengers in the airplane - Essay Example Here the essay indicates one person’s perspective upon the entering the plane and allowing the cramped space of the seating to ruin their experience throughout the flight. Conversely, the point of view of the other passenger is not as adversely affected by the cramped seating. In this example, the essay states, â€Å"When the passengers took their seats and reached towards the magazines in front of them they settled into what would become a wonderful airplane ride across the Atlantic Ocean. While the airplane wasn’t as large as traditional airliners it had a number of charming elements that made it more enjoyable than other flight methods.† These examples not only demonstrate how one passenger can perceive things differently from the simple nature of their physical size (as one space is cramped for person one, but not person two), but also rhetorically demonstrate that this experience shaded the individual’s perception of the entire trip. Another rhetorica l strategy that was implemented was showing how different people could interpret the same event in different ways. In terms of these essays, they demonstrated how the talking and general noise that occurred during the flight was interpreted differently, with the first passenger finding them irritating and the second enjoying them. Ultimately, these rhetorical elements demonstrate the means by which the same event, when experienced by different people, can be perceived in entirely different ways.